Imagination Comes First

We deliver:

+ Web Development + UI/UX + Graphic Design
+ Server & IT Infrastructure Management + Web Hosting
+ Tailored CRM Solutions
+ Content Management and moderation


TensorThings is a Malta-based Web Technologies company offering a wide range of products and services suited for every challenging idea in the web sphere.

Web Development

We build web applications, web platforms, and websites. We are here to help you and your company to realize your online ideas. From the first draft to implementing the right software, we are your partner.

From One-Page Sites with Contact Form up to giant Web portals or Customer-self-services.

Content Moderation & Hosting

We offer first-class additional services.
Thanks to strong partners, we offer first-class hosting inside and outside Europe. All inclusive 24 hours monitoring, domains and certificates.

Our team also supports you with content moderation. So you are always on the safe side.
We will gladly provide you with our CPC rates upon request.

Strategic Planning

Together with you, we plan your IT and online strategy. We not only consult but we deliver a product as a result that was planned in our strategic venture.
Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of IT security, we offer functional and secure products.

Change your Business now!

We are proud of our partnership with business leaders to make yours a leading one too.
With these partners, we can offer you the most successful Hosting, Software and Web Development

Our Customer and Partner

Sponsoring and donor

TensorThings is a proud supporter of Sharklab Malta and the proud parents of Smallerspotted Catsharks. Sharklab-Malta’s main objectives are to raise awareness about sharks, skates, and rays, increase research efforts, and contribute to conservation on all levels.

TensorThings is also a proud supporter of the Sea Shepherd conservation society. All our Employees are automatically donors to the Action Crew. We don’t want to hire people with “fridge benefits” only. We want to do things that matters.

Latest from the Blog

Maintenance Today

Today we are facing maintenance work on the power supplies. From 08:30 to 12:30 we will stop some services on-premises today. After 12:30 we will be back to regular operation. During this time it might take longer to answer questions and offer services since the data connection might be involved.

Free Webhosting

With shared hosting, several clients host their websites on the same server with the server’s resources shared between them, such as RAM and CPU. Shared hosting packages offer different capacities for disk space, traffic, bandwidth, and email. For this reason, Shared Hosting is a cost-effective option for running a website that does not require dedicated…