A CRM should tell your story of success. We do not start somewhere in between. Like your business, your CRM should start at your clients, followed up by tasks, and go straight to your product and invoicing. Forget about rigid marketing tools. We designed a CRM to ease up your life. Managing Clients, Tasks and invoices was never easier.

This CRM will supercharge your Business

AI that delivers

CMR by TensorThings has AI included. It speeds up the System by predicting your following actions and keeps the time to respond to a minimum. This helps you speed up your business and helps the environment by saving processing time.

Also, we run AI calculations on your client’s behavior to give you advice on what to sell next. We learn and deliver the best results without complex configurations on your site.


Your Data is your treasure. We created DataView to create Reports, Exports, and Querys right from the CRM without knowledge about the Database behind it. Everything is connected with Everything. You can use the exports of your Data to CSV or even JSON right from the Dataview and use it in other applications.

Responsive Design

We don’t keep you bound to massive Workstations. Our CRM is designed to be with you, where ever you work. No matter, if you work with a Notebook, Smartphone or Tablet. Your Homeoffice right in your pocket.

WhatsApp 4 Business

Get in contact directly. With our Partners, we transform your CRM into a Communication Business Suite.
Get in touch with partners and customers just in time. WhatsApp for Business* is now redefined and designed for your business.
*This feature will be available end of November 2022

A gifted Child

CRM by TensorThings is a truly gifted child. All features that you need are right in place and easy to use. Forget about the old systems and paid addons. Take a look at our feature list.

  • Customer relations
  • Task management
  • Bill / Recipe creation on activities
  • Activity tracker
  • Customizing for your business
  • WhatsApp for Business integration
  • Use as Customer Service Portal from one single Plattform
  • 2FA authentication and security design
  • Additional features can be added on-demand
  • DataView Data-Management-Tool
  • Access to the Database of your CRM
  • Monthly Updates with new features
  • Server, Hosting, and SSL Certificates included
  • Secured Database in a private Network with read-only access

Change your Business now!

We are proud of our partnership with business leaders to make yours a leading one too.
With these partners, we can offer you the most successful and powerful CRM of the year 2022.

Sponsoring and donor

TensorThings is a proud supporter of the Sharklab Malta and proud parents of Smallerspotted Catsharks. Sharklab-Malta’s main objectives are to raise awareness about sharks, skates, and rays, increase research efforts, and contribute to conservation on all levels.

TensorThings is also a proud supporter of elementary OS. Most of our developers use this awesome and stylish Linux Distribution. Keeping this OS running is important for us. Especially the design of the Pantheon Desktop reminds us to keep our CRM simple and elegant.

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