Access Data of your CRM

To use data from a CRM in other applications is often a gamble.
If you choose the cloud as provided by companies like Salesforce, you are often locked in with other users and have (if at all) only the chance to access data via an API.

Shall I better use an on-premise CRM?

Or you can opt for an on-premise model, which is often complicated to merge the data. Often the data is also quite rigid.
If you have ever tried to add a new phone number field to Sugar-CRM, or even tried to update the Software, you know the problem. Also, an On-Premis model is often connected with the problem that updates of the software are very complex and connected with high expenditure, as well as costs.

Especially the topic of exporting data is often forgotten when starting with a new CRM. This can cause a lot of effort and costs later on. Here should always ask exactly which possibilities there are.

On-Premise in the Cloud is the Solution!

TT-CRM offers here another way, which combines the advantages of an on-premise CRM with the advantages of cloud systems like Salesforce.
The database of TT-CRM is not accessible outside the server on which the CRM is running. However, an SSL connection can be used here and the entire data can be made available to other systems. So it is easy to create reports or exports.

Also within a CRM, there should always be possibilities to use data outside the predefined forms. Only a few CRM systems handle these features. DataView of our very own CRM is a good example.
In this tool, data of all tables can be linked in a meaningful way and own reusable queries can be created.

Checklist for your CRM

You should ask yourself the following questions when you’re in an active search for a new CRM:

  • Can I access the Data directly from the Source
  • Is the Database a common System (MySQL, MariaDB)
  • Are they possibilities to create new Forms and Views within the CRM
  • Can I export views and results in different Formats
  • Is the Database dedicated to me
  • Is the Database secured by modern standards
  • Is the Database running on an SSD instead of an old fashion HardDrive
  • Is there a limitation of the Storage

By asking this question, you have the possibility to satisfy the need of your business for a long time.

If you quite searching you might ask us. We might help and offer solutions for you.

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