Design that matters!

TT-CRM is for us a love letter to programming. Each module has been rethought thousands of times. Each button had to fight hard for its right to exist.
What Apple thought up decades ago and unfortunately lost in the course of time is lived at TensorThings.
We want to develop more than just “any CRM”. Our ambition is to develop “the CRM”.

And that includes thinking about the people who use this software every day.

Dyslexia Mode

Dyslexia is a tool disorder in which the ability to read and understand words or texts is limited despite normal vision and hearing. About one in 7 suffers from this disorder.

For us, it is very surprising that software manufacturers do not take into account this large amount of people. And also in our team, there are people suffering from this disorder even at the highest management level.

That is why the soon-to-be-released version of TT-CRM has a new dyslexia mode.
The font will be replaced by a unique font in this mode, which prevents the twisting and interchanging of letters and words.

For us, this feature is essential, so that error-free and relaxed work is possible.
We are looking forward to the release of TT-CRM 22.07 “Barrel” and hope that these small changes will bring joy to many people.

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