AI for Small Business

AI, or artificial intelligence, continues to triumph and is an integral part of today’s world.
Currently, however, it seems that AI is something reserved for big companies. Giants like Amazon can deliver targeted advertising and product recommendations to customers without much trouble.

TensorThings has made it its mission to bring these tools to small and medium-sized businesses as well. The CRM has already successfully implemented AI at no extra cost to its customers.

According to the founder, this step was a clear goal in the evolution of the CRM, like all sales, activities, and customers are available to the system. With AI, it is possible to learn what should be offered to the customer as a product, even from marginal information about the product.

But TensorThings goes one step further. AI is always associated with high energy consumption due to the complex learning process. Thus, the founder sees himself with a clear responsibility toward the next generations.

TensorThings meets this responsibility by having a second system learn how and when the CRM is used and makes necessary calculations in advance to deliver the results several times. This approach saves computing time and protects the environment. Already today, CRMs run as managed premise and in the cloud in an enormously energy-efficient way.

This keeps the hardware configuration enormously small. Currently, there are no systems on-premise that are so extremely efficient and still give the user a feeling of high working speed. In addition, TensorThings plans to build new data centers that run exclusively on highly efficient ARM processors in order to significantly reduce energy requirements.

As a small or medium-sized business, it may be worthwhile to trade in the work with excel spreadsheets to manage customers for a new CRM. TensorThings offers every new customer a 3-month trial period. During this time you can test the system extensively and benefit from the advantages.

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