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With shared hosting, several clients host their websites on the same server with the server’s resources shared between them, such as RAM and CPU. Shared hosting packages offer different capacities for disk space, traffic, bandwidth, and email.

For this reason, Shared Hosting is a cost-effective option for running a website that does not require dedicated resources, and because resources are shared, this reduces the costs of building and maintaining the server.

But it can be costly, especially in the beginning, although you would only need a web space to start your project.

At TensorThings, we are dedicated to promoting young web designers and programmers and giving small businesses a chance to create their presence on the Internet without selling out to large corporations.
For this reason, we have decided to provide free web space.

With this web space, you can easily start your project and get it up and running.

Piece by piece you can add a domain and other features. So you have a running website within a few minutes.

Our features at one glance:

1 GB Disk Space

1 Hosted Domain

1 Email Account

5 GB Monthly Traffic

No Ads

24/7/365 Support

Everything is free like “free beer”.

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