This Page is Part of the Documentation of TT-CRM (22.05 “Apollo”)

Contacts are Customers or Contacts of a Company in your Data.
At the first Glance Customers have the following features:

  • Multiple (unlimited) Email Addresses
  • Multiple (unlimited) Phone Numbers
  • Multiple (unlimited) Addresses

Additional from Contacts, you can directly select a Customer and open your default Email Client to write them, open your default Phone Software to call them, or if enabled, contact them with WhatsApp.

You can also add Information about them and leave notices to other Users of this CRM regarding the Contact and save Documents to the Document Server.

In the overview, you can see all Customers and search for them by Name, Company, or any Information that is available in this Table.

To add a new Contact, you have to select the Company he is related to.
At first, you have to set up the Name of the Contact, a Gender (Alternatives are available) a Position (CEO, Founder, Husband …).
Once the Contact is saved, it is available on the Customers Overview Page.

Once you click on Details, you can see all information about a Contact.

From here, you can add and delete Email addresses, Phone numbers, and Addresses. All of them can be separated as Business or Private information. Also, you can define if this piece of Data is primary.

For Phonenumber, you can select if this Number is also be used to get in contact with the Customer by using WhatsApp for Business. If there is no WhatsApp for Business set and the customer gets in contact with you with this Messenger, the Dataset will be automatically changed by TT-CRM.

Besides Contact Data, you can add notices to the Customer and also add Documents.

To Upload Documents, you can click on the Add New File Button.

The Types of allowed Files, the available Category of Files, and the maximal Size of Files must be edited in the Configuration of TT-CRM.

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