On this page, we have a collection of the most common questions

How long is the duration of a Contract

The Contracts between TensorThings and You have no fixed length. You’re free to cancel the contract every time. You can cancel the Contract 14 Days till the end of the month. Please be aware that the contract is terminated on the day all data will be deleted. We cannot undo that.

How long did it take to start with TT-CRM

Usually, it takes 48 hours until you can start using TT-CRM. This time period starts at the moment, we receive the contract.

Do I need a Credit Card?

No, only payments by bank transaction are actually allowed if you work on a managed premise. You will receive a monthly bill, that holds all costs including Server and User licenses. If you have a cloud-based account, you will get a payment link.

Can I export data directly from the Database?

Yes, you can. If needed we add an SSH Tunnel to the Database for Read-Only access as long you are not using TT-CRM Cloud. If you need access via SSH you have to migrate from Cloud to managed Premise at last.

Is TT-CRM EU DSGVO compliant?

Yes, it is. You can see all Data and also there are no 3rd Parties involved or marketing cookies inside the software. Login Data is stored safely and we use salted hashes. The Usage of TT-CRM is not a 3rd party and is part of your own infrastructure.

If you are using WhatsApp for Business, you have to tell your Users about this. Even when you are using TT-CRM Cloud you have to mention it.

Will TT-CRM be updated regularly?

Yes, of course. Every instance of TT-CRM receives security and feature updates. These Updates are tested and will enhance your instance. Updates will always be installed without downtime.

You don’t have to worry about missing features and no Development Team needed to be up to date.

Do I need to be verified as Company when using WhatsApp for Business?

No, this is not necessary. Everything that is needed to run WhatsApp for Business will be done by TensorThings

Can I use an existing Number or owned one for WhatsApp for Business?

To activate this feature, we need a valid Number. We cannot provide a number, nor create a new one.

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