Products and Billing

This Page is Part of the Documentation of TT-CRM (22.05 “Apollo”)

TT-CRM offers a lot of possibilities to manage Products and create Bills for the purchase of Products and Services. Therefore Products and Bills are connected to each other.


On the Products Page, you find all current existing Products.

You can easily add a new Product by clicking “Create new Dataset”. In the appearing Form, you can add the Price (in Cents), the Scan-Code, Vendor, Name, and VAT.

The VAT will be calculated separately for each Product on the Bill. Also notice, that the VAT is a percentual Value.
After clicking on “Create” or in case you update a Product “Update”, the Product can be sold.

NOTICE: If you update the Price of a Product, it will take place on every sold product in the future. Already sold products will remain at the price before.


The Billing Page shows every already created Bill/Recipe. It shows its status of it, the amount, and when it was created (month and year).

You can set a Bill to “Paid”, see the Details of it, delete it and generate a PDF from it.

NOTICE: When you delete a Bill, the Products that were billed get lost too because they are related to this certain Bill.

The Detail Screen shows up the Product, the Seller-Information, and the recipient. Also the Activities for the Month the Bill was created will be shown here.

Once a Bill is created, it can’t be edited because the fact, that it is not allowed in most countries.

The Seller-Information can be edited on the Configuration and Companies Page. This will take place in every already created Bill and future Bills.