Setup WhatsApp for Business

This Page is Part of the Documentation of TT-CRM (22.07 “BARREL”)

To get WhatsApp Business API Access through Embedded Signup of TT-CRM you must follow this guide.


To get a WhatsApp Business API Access, you will need the following:

– a valid phone number

– a signup form link from the TT-CRM configuration

You can create a new Meta Business Account or connect to an existing one during the Embedded Signup process.

Meta and WhatsApp Business account

Please choose your Business Manager carefully, since it can’t be changed after the number is registered.

Fill out the WhatsApp Business Account application Form:

  • Your email address
  • Your name
  • Your Company name
  • The password that will be used in the 360 Client Hub login (A partner Company of TensorThings to provide services for WhatsApp)

After clicking the Accept Terms button, you will be redirected to the Embedded Signup page.

You will need to log in to your Meta account to move forward. It’s important that this Meta account has admin access to the Meta Business Manager that will manage this WhatsApp account.

Important: do not keep the Embedded Signup pop-up open for more than 1 hour, otherwise the session will expire.

Generate the API Key

When the Embedded Signup is completed, we will immediately deploy the WhatsApp Business API Client and you will be automatically logged-into 360 Client Hub, where you can generate your API-KEY.

Start Using WhatsApp 4 Business

After you held your API-KEY you can insert it into your TT-CRM. After saving the API-KEY you can start using WhatsApp for Business.

To keep connected to the API you must add your information in the Business Info section of Business Manager Settings. You need to include a legal name, an address, a website, and the business phone number you intend to use for messaging.


This information is used by Facebook to check compliance with the Commerce Policy. If it’s not correctly set up, the account will be immediately blocked.

Therefore, the website:

  • is mandatory
  • must be working
  • must have a clear explanation of the company’s business model

WhatsApp Commerce Policy review

WhatsApp will review your WhatsApp Account to ensure it is compliant with the WhatsApp Commerce Policy. Be sure to examine the policy closely to make sure you are Business compliant.

This review will happen in the background after the account is already live.

If the account is not approved on the WhatsApp Commerce Policy it will be immediately blocked. The business can also downgrade to WhatsApp Business App.

Incorrect data

If you make a mistake with the Embedded Signup Onboarding Process such as:

– Number added to the wrong WABA

– WABA added to the wrong FB Account

If you let us know within 14 days of registering the number we will correct the mistake for you.

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