Tasks and Activity-Tracker

This Page is Part of the Documentation of TT-CRM (22.05 “Apollo”)

TT-CRM has a build-in multi-purpose Task Management and Activity Tracker.


The Dashboard adds a possibility to add new Activities to keep track of work that was done.

On the Dashboard (The Homepage of TT-CRM) you can add an activity.

To add a new Activity you have to click on “create new Dataset”. Once loaded a new Form appears to store the new activity you’ve made.


Tasks can be found under the Task Page. In the Task Overview, you will find Projects and Tasks. Projects are simply like Folders or Categories to collect certain Tasks in them.

You can create a new Project by clicking on “Create new Project“.

In the Task Overview, you can see Details of a currently ongoing task. If a Task is set to “Done” it disappears from the list. To see all Tasks you can click on “Show all Tasks“.

The Detail Screen offers a detailed view of the selected Task.

From this page you can add Notices to the Task, to keep track of your workflow or clarify questions.

You also can assign a User to this Task and change the Task Description. To do so, you just have to click on the User Badge or into the description of the Task.

If you want to create an Activity (work/activity you have done, see Section Activity on this Documentation) the Activity Form appears, and add a special Tag to the Description. The Activity will show on the Task Detail and a Badge will be shown that is linked to the Task.

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