The easy-to-use extensible CRM and Customer Portal for your business in 2022

  • Customer relations
  • Task management
  • Bill / Recipe creation on activities
  • Activity tracker
  • Customizing for your business
  • WhatsApp for Business integration
  • Use as Customer Service Portal from one single Plattform
  • 2FA authentication and security design
  • Additional features can be added on-demand
  • DataView Data-Management-Tool
  • Access to the Database of your CRM
  • Monthly Updates with new features
  • Server, Hosting, and SSL Certificates included
  • Secured Database in a private Network with read-only access

A real #Gamechanger!

Our CRM is a real gamechanger. We enable WhatsApp for Business right in our CRM solution (This feature will be available end of June 2022). It was never easier to get in touch with clients, stakeholders and customers. Send and receive Images, Documents, and Messages with ease. Getting in touch with you was never easier!

Mobile-First refined

Our world is moving fast. To be ahead of time, you need mobility. We decided to create a CRM that works on every device to give you freedom. No matter if you work in a Warehouse with your Tablet or sit in the Terminal and wait for boarding.
CRM covers you and makes you more productive than ever.

Batteries included

CRM is delivered on first-class enterprise-grade hosting in Europe, North America, Asia, and Israel with SSL Certificate, a private network, with a dedicated Database inside. Inclusive Backups and lifetime updates of CRM.

The Data is yours!
Cloudless SaaS

The Data inside of your CRM is yours. We don’t use AWS, Google, or similar Vendors. Every CRM runs on its own server. You can Access your Data every time, export it, use it, and change it. We offer the quality of a cloud-based CRM without putting you together with thousands of other customers.

What is CRM by TensorThings?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy that companies use to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. Our CRM helps organizations streamline processes, build customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

Our CRM has also added features that make your business more easily. You can set Tasks for employees, and create Bills right from your activities. You can create login credentials for your Customers and use the CRM as your Customer Service Portal. So they can keep track of things you had offered and download their bills.

One of the main features is our seamless integration of WhatsApp for Business. **With this feature, you can get in touch with your clients easily, receive or send Documents and keep communication as short as possible.

This makes the CRM unique and helpful right from the start.

TensorThings will gladly help you to extend the existing features of our basic CRM and customize it right to your needs with small rates of a service fee.
We are happy to offer you a demonstration of our CRM.

No matter what they are up to. Tensorthing delivers custom software and covers all needs. Created in a successful telecommunications company, CRM has become a secure, fast, and scalable solution for companies of all sizes.

No matter if it is a small bakery, retail, craft, or service. With our CRM you are always suitable with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Extension pricing:

* For tailored customization and additional development, we offer our services for 35 € per Hour. This price includes the design, development, and implementation. For work that can not be done remotely additional fees may apply.
** WhatsApp for Business can produce extra costs by Meta plus an additional fee of 22.00 EUR/ Month (excl. VAT)
*** All prices exclusive VAT of 19% (additional Costs per User).
**** Additional Drive space can be added on demand.

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