Tutorial: Invoicing

Creating Invoices in our CRM is quite easy.

In our example, we have a company called ACME Ltd.
From the product overview, you can select the appropriate product. This can be a physical item or a service.

Since products are always listed with their price and VAT, in the sales view you only need to specify the quantity and the recipient.

Once you have done that, the product will appear on the dashboard.
There you can see all the products that are not yet booked in an invoice.

In the Invoice section, you can see all the invoices that have been issued so far. Now we want to include our products, which we have successfully sold, in a corresponding invoice.

For this, we have to click on “Create new Dataset”.
In the following screen, we only have to enter the company, the year, and the month.

If you enter a value in “Net Value in Cent”, only this value will be calculated in addition to the specified VAT. In our example, however, we want to sell products. Therefore, we leave this field empty.

By clicking on “Save new Bill”, the bill is created and appears in the overview of previous bills.

In the detail view, you can now see that the respective products are included in the invoice. These items have also disappeared from the dashboard, as they are valid from posted.

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