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These days, elementary school students learn English and coding at school. Tomorrow’s elementary school students will learn AI. AI comes before English and coding. This is because artificial intelligence is the language and tool of the future.

Enamul Haque

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  • Our sharks are hatching

    Our sharks are hatching

    Since we are donators of Sharklab Malta, we get information about our Sharks that we adopt. Today is a happy day since another egg hatched and the little one is save and sound. From now he will start to catch little shrimps and squids. He makes friend with other shark pups and stay save in…

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  • Maintenance Today

    Maintenance Today

    Today we are facing maintenance work on the power supplies. From 08:30 to 12:30 we will stop some services on-premises today. After 12:30 we will be back to regular operation. During this time it might take longer to answer questions and offer services since the data connection might be involved.

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  • Free Webhosting

    Free Webhosting

    With shared hosting, several clients host their websites on the same server with the server’s resources shared between them, such as RAM and CPU. Shared hosting packages offer different capacities for disk space, traffic, bandwidth, and email. For this reason, Shared Hosting is a cost-effective option for running a website that does not require dedicated…

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