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These days, elementary school students learn English and coding at school. Tomorrow’s elementary school students will learn AI. AI comes before English and coding. This is because artificial intelligence is the language and tool of the future.

Enamul Haque

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  • TT-CRM in the cloud

    TT-CRM in the cloud

    Up up and away! TensorThings has always strived to give the customer the best possible experience. This includes offering good deals to small businesses as well.For this reason, we have decided to offer TT-CRM in the cloud. So you can test TT-CRM for 30 days without any risk and run it for a really small […]

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  • Design that matters!

    Design that matters!

    TT-CRM is for us a love letter to programming. Each module has been rethought thousands of times. Each button had to fight hard for its right to exist.What Apple thought up decades ago and unfortunately lost in the course of time is lived at TensorThings.We want to develop more than just “any CRM”. Our ambition […]

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  • Access Data of your CRM

    Access Data of your CRM

    To use data from a CRM in other applications is often a gamble.If you choose the cloud as provided by companies like Salesforce, you are often locked in with other users and have (if at all) only the chance to access data via an API. Shall I better use an on-premise CRM? Or you can […]

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